The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food)

The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0 MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food)

★★★Weirdly Cute Cats (?) rampage across the world! ★★★

Android Android Casual
4.6 ( 387 ratings )
Price: $0
Name The Battle Cats
Publisher PONOS Corporation
Genre Casual
Size 107.48 MB
Version 11.6.0
Update Jun 15, 2022
MOD Unlimited XP/Cat Food
The Battle Cats is the most famous version in the The Battle Cats series of publisher PONOS Corporation
Mod Version 11.6.0
Total installs n/a
When playing the original version of the game, you realize that you need more than that. And when you download and use the MOD version of The Battle Cats, you get lots of XP and Cat Food (9999999). Note that XP and Cat Food numbers will not be restored to their original state when you use them all.


Both the original and the MOD version of The Battle Cats can be easily installed via the APK file like any regular game or application.

Updating the MOD version without losing the game data

You only need to download the MOD version with the game and install it. The device will automatically override the new version on the currently installed version.

Whats New

■Drop reward display added to stage select
Tap stage name to display Drop Rewards availability

■Equip last victorious formation for cleared Stages
Hold Equip button to change to last Victory's formation

■ 15 → 17 Equip Slots
※ Available after EoC Ch. 1
※ Unlock Slot 11+ via Meow Medals and using 90 Cat Food

■New True Forms

■New Legends Map, new difficulties for past maps

■Behemoth Culling stages/missions
Stages added to existing maps

■New User Rank Rewards
New CatCombos
Minor revisions
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Do you likecats? Let’s be part of The Battle Cats (MOD Unlimited XP/Cat Meals) to hitchwith cute cats within thebattle to guardthe Earth.

Earth is experiencing financialcrises, with terrorist are cats which haveattacked the Earth and arrangea ruling regime. They occupy all nuclear energyvegetationand switchvitalityto supplytime machines. This isn’tstraightforwardwhen it was prevented and attacked by many differentanimals.

Some noteworthy factors

One factorthat stands out from differentvideo gamesis the variety ofcharacters. In The Battle Cats, there are greater than300 cats with humorousseems to beso that you canselectfrom when combating. In everystage, you’ll be able tosolelycarry 10 several types ofcats. You can also makeyour cats stronger by leveling them up. If youattainstage10, the very beststageright nowyour cat possesses superenergy, a lotbiggerthan the primarystage.

Nonetheless, the sportlacks interplayamongstgamers. I believethe sportought tohave extraPvP mode that enablesgamersto problemdifferentgamersin 1v1 matches, which mightbe very attention-grabbing.


Sure. The managementmechanism in The Battle Cats is very simple. Typicallyin most forms oftechniquevideo gamesrequire you to calculate techniqueand plan fastidiously. This sportis totally different, a cute cartoon modelsportthat makes every thingso easyand wonderfulthan ever.

The Battle Cats is Tower ProtectionSport, the placeyou’ll need todefend your base by the cat militarywith so many eccentric shapes you may haveby no meansseen earlier than. Completely differentcats have totally differentpowers, so you have tomake the properdecisions. Your enemies are so formidable opponents that you will need tochortle. They are oftencanine, snakes, hippos, and so forth.

When the animals seemto maneuverin the direction ofyour base, over time you’llaccumulate a suresum of money, simplyclick onon the icon of the cat you wish toselect. Upon lookyour cat will roboticallyhave interactionin fightwith any enemy they encounter on the best waytillthey’redefeated or killed. So the onefactoryou have todo to win that’sto have a look atthe animals that attacked your base has what power. Then you’ll be able toselectthe propercat that has the abilityto counter the oppositeanimals.


When your opponent is overcrowded and your cashshouldn’t besufficientto choosethe cat, then your particularweapon is a reallyapplicablealternative. Particularweapons can help youdeal an enormousquantityof harmto kill a lot ofenemies on the map. Treasure can also beessentialthat you have toaccumulateas a lotas attainable, it helps you create very sturdygadgetsand improvethe solidity in yourbase.

The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-1 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-2 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-3 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-4 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-5 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-6 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-7 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-8 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-9 The Battle Cats APK v11.6.0  MOD (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) poster-10

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